Why Organic Cotton for Clothing?

You probably know the reasons for eating organic food, but most people don’t know that there are similar reasons for making sure your clothes are also organic. Conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop and regular polyester is made from petrochemicals. Some dyes used in conventional clothing are carcinogenic. The clothing industry is one of the top five polluters on earth.

So here at Zazeka we wanted to change all that. Most of our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton, and is dyed with environmentally friendly dyes. A few items have up to 15% polyester, but this is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic chemicals. It uses about 71% less water than conventional cotton, and about 62% less energy.

We also stock some Earth Positive products which are made in India out of 100% organic cotton and use 90% less carbon than equivalent items. This is achieved by a combination of low-impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and transportation, and the use of renewable energy.